This is Us

Self-improvement takes commitment, dedication, and humility. It doesn't happen overnight, but most importantly, it doesn't happen without you. Our goal is to reach out to those who are becoming the best versions of themselves while telling our own stories of triumph, failure, and most of all, improvement.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

I started this blog to help better myself and find a way to relate to others going through something similar, whether it be weight loss, healthier habits, mental wellness, or overall wellbeing. When I started this blog, I was fine; happy, healthy (getting healthier), I was actually getting in contact with people that were going … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Who says?

Who actually says we have to be passionate about only one thing? Hopefully no one. I am easily one of those people who becomes increasingly passionate about more and more things the more I am exposed to, and I for some reason, always thought that I had to pick one thing and just stick with … Continue reading Who says?