March toward those goals

March. It’s here! I was in such disbelief that I had to wait until the second day just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming ;). But really, February took forever. Who knew that 28 days loosely translates to “feels like 28 years”.

How did you all do on reaching your goals last month?

For me, the goal was to educate myself on better nutrition. While the book I was reading did not really teach me anything new, here are some of the sciency things someone could benefit from:

  • Unless you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, whole wheat breads and pastas are way better than white bread containing enriched wheat flour (granted I knew that already, but didn’t know exactly why)
  • Fiber is that one thing that helps you better absorb nutrients and will benefit you as you eat those fruits and veggies
  • Your body makes some amino acids, but requires more that you find from protein
  • Vitamins and minerals are essential to creating metabolic reactions within the body, but they cannot replace one another
  • Depending on your age, life-stage, and development, you require different amounts of vital nutrients
  • Calories really mean energy-the energy your body will require to function and are a combination of proteins, fats, and carbs. Excess in those calories means they are stored as body fat
  • Sufficient sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself

While the book I sampled from Amazon reiterated a lot of things prior knowledge for me, it did provide me with a great list of resources that you can find below:

So, what did I do with it?

Since I didn’t read the whole book, and mainly explored the sample, there is still a lot of information that I know I need to develop a complete understanding of my diet and nutrition. But, I did make a few changes:

  • Swapped my enriched wheat flour breads and pastas for whole grains-the book suggests to have at least half of your grains be whole grains, but I thought, why not do all of them? So I did.
  • I cut out most of the daily coffee I was drinking and swapped it for green tea during the week and coffee on the weekends
  • I cut out all alcohol for the entire month of January and over half of February, and even on the two occasions I indulged, I didn’t have more than two drinks
  • I added servings of raw vegetables with both lunch and dinner (it’s hard to not have ranch with them, though)

I still need to drink more water. I’m pretty sure that will never change. I have never been a big pop drinker, so when I do have one its very few and far between.

With the end of one month brings another full of opportunities and new goals. While I have already started on my March goal of 31 Days of Gratitude, I would like to know what your March goals are! For more consistent updates on my wellness journey, follow me on instagram @thebebetterbible and join me in this journey!

Please share your goals with me, I would love to hear them 🙂

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