Marched Out

Hey everyone! First off, I would like to thank all of my readers for reading my posts and sharing it on social media or reblogging it. I’ve enjoyed watching this online community grow, and I hope to see it continue!

How did your March goals go?

For the entire month of March, I wanted to shift my focus inward and pay more attention to gratitude. I have a lot to be grateful for, and while I knew that, I took a lot of it for granted. Even simple things like being able to walk outside in the sun. I never want to waste another nice day after this winter we had! I started with daily gratitudes, and I will admit, on the really tough days where I was just really tired, having a bad day, or just feeling really stressed, I admittedly complained more than I showed gratitude.

I even thought I would be cool and create an instagram post for each thing day-by-day…I learned quickly that I didn’t like to do that, and here’s why. It’s easy to share gratitude for simple things like sunshine, a home, even being grateful for a good meal. However, true gratitude exists beyond instagram. True gratitude is reflective and honest, and true gratitude should come from within, not from the surface. Once you dive beneath the surface of material and worldly things, you realize that you’re grateful for things that are inexpressible, and it becomes rare or impossible that you can find a single picture that demonstrates everything you’re grateful for effectively.

The biggest gain from this month of daily gratitude was actually learning more about myself and being grateful for all of the things I have experienced. I learned that it’s easy to compare our own successes, failures, and other experiences to that of another, especially those close to us. Instead, we should be honored that we got the opportunity to live the moments we did, meet the people we have, and learn about our own individual passions. For me, these passions have solidified within the past few weeks, and most of all, they showed me what I could learn from my failures.

Because of this, I have made a few decisions that I feel are going to help me live out my passions and give me even more experiences to be grateful for by registering for courses that will guide me to becoming a certified wellness coach in addition to being a teacher. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m growing and improving each day, and I want to help others find a way to do that as well.

Be grateful for family, friends, and even foes because they each teach you something valuable about your ability to care and love for yourself and others.
Be grateful for your successes because you fought for them.
Be grateful for your failures because they teach you to work harder.
Be moved by the experiences you’ve had because they teach you about yourself.
Be grateful for the opportunity to recognize that the experiences not yet had are not meant for you in this moment.

What have your goals taught you?

Coming up: April Goals

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