What creates joy?

I have recently been hearing this come up in conversations, podcasts, Netflix shows, and even on commercials. What is it that creates joy for you? Have you really ever stopped what you were doing and asked yourself that question? If you did, and you had an answer, have you actually done the things that bring you joy lately?

With the holidays, new goals, tasks, and changing schedules, I think it’s common to forget that our original intentions for this year and this journey were to find ways to be happier, be healthier, and just be better at being ourselves. If you haven’t asked yourself what creates joy for you, then sit down and ask yourself that very question.

Recently, I watched a couple of episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. While there are many things that this show brought to the surface for the internet, one thing stuck out to me is that she asks each person as they are looking through their belongings to ask themselves if this is something that truly “sparks joy”. While it seemed ridiculous at first, watching the people change as they sort through their belongings was very real. This mostly applied to cleaning things, discarding items that no longer make them happy, and decluttering their space; however, I think this should also be applied to the things we do in daily life.

If your goal is a clean house, then you should ask yourself this question to help you rid yourself of the encumbrances that fill your home. If your goal is diet and exercise, ask yourself if what you’re doing right now really leads to you feeling joyful at the end of the day. If the answer is yes, then keep going. If your answer is no-do the wise thing and make the change. You’re doing this for your own happiness, and happiness is infectious.

The things that create joy for me always seem to be the things that I never make time for: reading, writing, taking photos, hiking/exploring, and being with the people I care about, and new to this list…YOGA! These are ALL things that bring me joy, but for some reason, I can’t think of why I don’t make more time for myself to actually do them. Being better is more than just diet and exercise, it’s all over wellness-mental, physical, and spiritual, whatever that means to you. Be honest with yourself, chase your passions, and don’t feel bad about making yourself happy.

Take a personal look. What brings you joy, happiness, and peace?

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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